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HomeBrewX brings craft beer technology to the home brewer! Our line of one-ounce bottles perfectly doses (post fermentation) a 5-gallon homebrew batch. Consider it a batch repair kit or an enhancer!

Aromatics: We have isolated and separated hop aroma from the harsh bitterness often associated with them. This line of liquid extracts allows the home brewer great latitude in determining intensity of hop aroma while keeping the bitterness balanced for the consumer and in harmony with the beer.

Bittering: Home brewers are producing IPA’s with bitterness as low as 15 bu’s or as high as 100 bu’s while keeping the aroma the same. Easily add 15 to 30 IBUs of bitterness. Missing from our extracts are the objectionable vegetative notes commonly found which are removed by our extraction process.

Sours: Delivering the intensity and unique flavors of a sour batch, even if you didn’t intend to brew a sour beer!

We take your home brew batches to a new level!


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